It’s easy for us to illustrate the benefits of the NNEP.  It’s better when it comes right from the source; our valued, growing membership base!

“Thank you SO MUCH for all of the great advice. I spent some time yesterday going over what we discussed. I am really excited about forging ahead. I shall keep you posted and will certainly be calling again!!”
-Cindy Proctor, Busy Bee Embroidery

“Thanks so much for all you do to help us small embroidery businesses hang in there and at times thrive along with the big guys.”
-Sue Walters, Walters Embroidery

“I joined NNEP a few years back when my business was in the early stages. I let my membership lapse and have been (coincidentally? hmmm...) struggling, building my home-based business in fits & starts. I am more determined than ever to make a go of it. I make longterm & immediate goals and one was to rejoin NNEP. When I opened your email yesterday I jumped on it and already feel more empowered and motivated to take advantage of all the opportunities that come with membership. I am looking forward to a long and productive membership!”
-Jeanne eanne Fitzsimons, FitzStitch Embroidery

“Thanks so much for the great ideas! You just gave me well more than $200 of information, just in this conversation! And I LOVE the fact you picked up the phone - not voicemail.”
-Rosemarie Stefaniw, Lucky 1 Embroidery

“I really appreciate all of your help. Your recent embroidery shows and (Embroidery Manual) notebook have been such a godsend for us."”
-Debbie Bigger, DB Designs

“Thanks for helping me understand the promotional products pricing structure. Once again, I know why I pay my dues!”
-Nancy Wawro, Novel Threads

“Being able to talk to you anytime is worth way more than the cost of membership.  The discounts are just the bonus!”
-Diane Lindemann

“I just wanted to let everyone there at NNEP know what a wonderful job you guys do for all your members. I am just a small start up with 5 heads and being a member of the NNEP has made a huge difference for me, especially with the money I have saved with your resources for members. I have been a member in the past when I was with larger companies and you made a difference then. Now that I am a small business owner, where every penny counts, you guys are my best resource for information and savings. Please keep up the good work!”
-Lorrie Huegel, Stitch EFX Embroidery, LLC

“I love reading everything on the Exchange. You all do a fantastic job of keeping us embroiderers up to date.”
-Shirley Hartung, Sissies' Custom Embroidery

“We are currently working directly with Nicole [Rollender, editor of Stitches Magazine] on the mentoring feature coming out in July. Its been fun and rewarding. So much of the credit for our success and desire to help others goes to you, Susan and Arch. You all took us under your collective wings when were snot nosed kids and we have not forgotten that.. We say a big THANK YOU again for all your help over the years. (Would you believe 14 already?)”
-Don Stover, Sew YOUnique

“I knew I was glad I joined this organization. I don't have time to mess with the 'I think' stuff. Thanks!”
-Rai Lynn Guidone, Embroidery By Design

“ Thanks for this great information source! This was my first full year in business as a sole proprietor and I really needed this info!”
-Susan Skuda, Misty Morning Creations

“ I am a member and would like to tell you that it’s great getting your informative emails”
-Joan Marchand

“I have belonged to many organizations over the years. The majority of them, you pay your dues and receive some benefits. The NNEP is first organization that has been so very supportive and answered all of my questions so timely. And now, the association with ASI! It just seems that my association with the NNEP was a very good decision. I just wanted to say 'Thank You' and you are doing such a GREAT job. Thanks Again!!!!”
-Peggy North, Tri-County Awards

“ What a pleasure to meet with you at the Springfield show. We learned so much, especially from your Q & A session. I had solutions to 3 vexing issues before I left your seminar. Many, many thanks.”
-Sara Cole, Threadwords

“Being a member of NNEP has helped save money on our business insurance, credit card processing,discounts on garments and products. Also helpful in locating products. When I meet fellow embroiderers I tell them to check out NNEP. The garage sales are great both for selling and purchasing.”
-Carol McCormick, Deter Gear Custom Embroidery

“Joining NNEP is the best thing I have done for my new business. Finally questions answered, product info and wonderful discounts. This has been a Win Win endeavor. Thanks for all the help.”
-Sandy Gunn, Sandy's Stitch by Stitch

“Living in the same area as the NNEP office, we drove past several times before we decided to stop in to see what you were all about. What a wonderful reception we got. We had barely gotten to the door, when Susan was there graciously welcoming us. When we learned what NNEP was about, we talked with both Jennifer and Susan. Then after a month of deliberation, we decided to join. It was a wonderful decision! The help and advice we have received, not only from NNEP, but from the membership at conferences, has been invaluable to this novice. We learn every day. A phone call doesn't seem to be an interruption in your day, but much help to those of us on the other end. Thanks, doesn't seem to say enough!”
-Margaret Swauger, Creative Impressions Embroidery

“Thank you so much for a great event. Without doubt NNEP association is key to my continued success growing my embroidery business. Embroidery Mart provided educational sessions for me. Show me the money seminar was outstanding in terms of education and motivation, well worth my time. All in all a great event.”
-Sue Wright, SEW Right Embroidery

“I think all of you are the best!  The Network you have built has done more for the embroidery industry than anyone else”
-Lori Theis, Embroidery Solutions

“This is one of the better organizations we’ve ever joined”
-Danny Palmer

“The Network has played a large role in our business, with the discounts and contacts, the product locationer help, not to mention the helpful tips I learn everyday on the Exchange”
-Karen Resnick

“I’m very grateful we stumbled upon NNEP.  It has opened the doors to a whole new world of suppliers and services that we would have never found”
-Black Hawk Athletics  


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